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Asagi Koi


Asagi includes Konjo Asagi, Taki Asagi, Narumi Asagi, Hi Asagi, Mizu Asagi, A good example of one of these ancient Koi varieties can be very elegant and beautiful.

Asagi koi are blue with a darker blue netting effect over their scales called a vignette. Asagi have a full set of scaled, whereas Shusui are (doitsu), meaning they have only a maximum of four lines of scales, two along the dorsal line and one along each lateral line.

Asagi and Shusui usually have some red around the nose and cheeks, along the body and in the fins. The different names (for example Konjo, Hana) refer to the shade of blue or level position of red. For example, a Hana Shusui has narrow red patterns between dorsal and lateral scale lines.
Asagi is probably the earliest type of Koi appearing by natural mutation in the 19th century.

Shusui were produced later,this was when doitsu carp from Germany were introduced to Japan and crossbred with Asagi. Some of the good points are a clean light blue or white head with each scale area showing a neat and darker blue pattern with a bright fiery looking red wherever it appears.For Shusui koi the dorsal line and scales should look very neat and in two complete rows, without any out of place scales.

They can develope a large numbers of tiny black spots on the body and yellowing of the head. The blue colour can become rather grey and the red can turn brownish and look washed out.Because of the german bloodline the shusui can have a small triangular head and rather stumpy body. You need to be aware of incomplete scale lines or out of line scales, and poorly shaped scales within the lines.




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