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Bekko Koi


Bekko koi are not bred as a group, they only appeared from Sanke spawning, so they are effectively rare Koi. Unfortunately, they are not very popular; this makes them rare and not very often seen.
Bekko have White, red or yellow non-metallic with black markings on the body.

No black normally appears on the head, although small markings are sometimes seen. All fins can carry black stripes. Black patterns on the body are usually above the lateral lines.
Modern Shiro and Aka Bekko appear now and again as the offspring of Sanke spawning. The Bekko group is not normally bred as a variety.

Despite being unpopular the Bekko have a charm all of its own. Although being plain in appearance, if the base colour is a pure colour and finished cleanly, a nicely shaped Bekko can look very special, especially if it grows to a large size.
It should look quite snowy white from the nose to the tail and have no stains or small black speckles. There should be no white areas visible on the head or body of the Aka Bekko, if it has then it would be classified as an Aka Sanke.

The black patterns are usually very small, rounded and neatly arranged along the back ideally beginning with a prominent shoulder marking.
The edges should be neatly defined towards the tail and for a Shiro Bekko, show a narrow blue border at the leading edge where white overlays black. On an Aka Bekko all black edges should look very sharp.
When under stress the white skin can become pinkish and bloodshot.

The white skin on a Shiro Bekko especially in males can start to turn yellowish and the black patterns can become too light or break up into small spots, the Bekko needs to look neat.
It would be very hard to achieve a good kiwa of sumi as the black edges can become uneven and untidy.




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