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Doitsu Koi


Doitsu koi were created by Crossbreeding with Japanese Koi and black carp that were imported for food from Germany. They differ from ordinary Nishikigoi or Wagoi koi meaning Japanese Koi by thier scale arrangement.

Doitsu Koi with lines of scales on the back and along the lateral lines are called Kagami koi and those without scales or with only one line of scales on each side along the base of the fin are called Kawas koi.

Doitsu Koi is crossbred into almost every variety of Nishikigoi. Doitsu Koi is viewed for the orderliness of the scale arrangements and the absence of scales that are unnecessary. Each Koi should have the features and characteristics of its own original variety, but then all koi have their own personality, you will soon be able to name all of your koi and know which ones are which by its own unique markings.




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