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Goldfish are the most popular choice when having a pond in your garden as they only grow to an average of about 15cm long and are easy to keep.

The most popular are the shubunkins with their array of different colours and the comets with their long tails, they can also tolerate all types of weather.

Just be careful when choosing your goldfish as some will not tolerate the weather swings from very hot to very cold.

Below are a small variety of goldfish,but beware they all done live well in a pond enviroment.

Black Moors

The Black Moors goldfish only come in blak and has bad eyesight, not really good for pond life.


Bubble Eye

The Bubble eye goldfish is very delicate, and not recomended for ponds.



Comets are a very hardy fish that can cope with hot and cold weather,they are a good choise for garden ponds. They can grow up to 12 inches long and a great fish to watch.



Shubunkins are one of the most popular goldfish to be kept in ponds, they have an array of colour and are similar to the comets,they can tolerate all types of weather



The Jilkins goldfish is a hardy fish that will survive in pond life,it is similar to the common goldfish but only come in red and white.



The Oranda is a very delicate goldfish, they can not tolerate cold weather and are only suitable for indoor aquariums or fish tank.



The ryukin goldfish is hardy and will survive better in bigger ponds with good filtration. It tends to produce a lot of waste and ammonian so keeping them in smaller ponds gives them less chance to survive.



The Pearlscale goldfish is a hardy fish and prefers a lot of space, it will thrive well in larger ponds. Its name comes from the colour and shade. It may struggle at feeding times keeping up with the faster fish you may have.





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