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Hardy Bog Plants


Bog plants are very hardy and will survive all climate changes, the tropical bog plants are different, they donít like the severe cold, if you live in an area that falls into this category I would advise you to take them indoors.
The best place for these plants are around the edge of the pond in pots, and placed in very shallow water making sure the top of the plant is above the waterline.

Listed below is a selection of bog and tropical bog plants.



The Arrowhead bog plant is named after the shape of their leaves although some look more grass like; there are over 20 different types of arrowhead all over the world.

The flower has 3 rounded petals and live quite happily in fresh water, they can also improve the feeding area for birds.

They should be planted in the shallow areas of the pond for the best effect.




Although the Cannas bog plant is pleasing to the eye with its yellow and green stripped leaves, and orange flower with maroon edges, they can not sustain the cold weather and would need taking inside until the spring comes around.

For the best effect they need to be planted in rich soil and placed in the shallow which receives plenty of sunshine, you will then benefit from the floral display when they bloom in the summer months.



The cattails are fine for ponds as long as it is kept under control, if left it can grow out of control and take over the pond, the roots and flowering spikes are fast growing especially in the perfect environment which is, shallow water and sun soaked areas around the edge of a pond.

If it is left it could take over a pond and stop other plants from growing.

Donít let this put you off; with a bit of thinning out now and again it can enhance the look of a pond.


Elephant ear

The elephantís ear gives your pond the look of the jungle, when planted in partial shade its large lush leaves extend out over the pond to give much needed shade in the summer month.

Like the Cannas it is a warm weather plant and will not survive the cold winter months.




The iris is a water plant and has always been a very popular plant for ponds; it adds a lot of colour, compliment the fish and they are pleasing on the eye.

They should be planted in large pots filled with rich soil, this gives the offshoots space to grow, make sure they are in the shallow area as the pots only need to be just under the water line. ††



Rushes are good for the larger ponds where there is a lot of space; they can grow up to 4 feet high depending on the type you get.

They have an array of colour which has an effect on the look of your pond; itís all about getting the balance right and whatís pleasing to your eye as everyone is different.

Small wildlife can use the rushes to hide, this can only be good for a pond.


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