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Hikarimoyo Koi


Hikarimoyo includes Hariwake Ogon, Kikusui, Kujaku, Yamatonishiki and many more.
A large diverse group of fully scaled metallic Koi, all demonstrate a pattern. Many Hikarimoyo are metallic versions of non-metallic varieties, for example, Yamatonishiki is a metallic Sanke, Tora Ogon is a metallic Ki Bekko.

With the exception of Ki Kokuryu and Kin-Ki Kokuryu. Hikarimoyo are not expected to have black on the head or pectoral fin joints. Most common ones are the fully scaled Hariwake Ogon version and the Kujaku koi, have the additional feature of a vignette, Kujaku are a metallic version of Goshiki koi These are created by Crossbreeding experiments between Hikarimuji and many other varieties of Koi.

With the Hikarimuji, the shine of the skin is a very vital element. Good skin quality means brilliant shine, especially on a silver or pale gold based koi. all patterns edges and the vignette on metallic varieties of koi especially kujaka should look sharp. Good contrast between patterns are also desirable, with deep orange or metallic red against a silver base is preferred.

Hikarimuji and Hikarimoyo have problems with shape and patterned edge problems and some of the patterns lack contrast as it is very difficult to achieve deep metallic red and black.
Hikarimoyo often have black spots and stains appear especially on the head and fins.




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