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Hikarimuji Koi


Hikarimuji koi is the group that probably appeal to most people more than any other variety of Koi. With their bright and shining appearance, they are the real bee’s knees; they have done so much to promote the hobby of keeping or breeding koi over many years.

Single coloured metallic Koi range from silver white to deep red, plus those with an additional pine cone and vignette effect over all scale areas. Hikarimuji may be either fully scaled or a doitsu type.

Sawata Aoki created the original golden Koi after 25 years of trying, beginning in the early 1920s, He finally bred black Koi with silver or gold markings with a Koi he called Shiro Fuji.
Hikarimuji are metallic Koi, so the shine is crucial. High lustre shows good skin quality. This is harder to obtain for the darker metallic colours. On a plain Koi, any imperfections of colour are magnified and very noticeable. Colour has to be even from nose to tail.

Scale lines must be very neat; this provides an attractive netting pattern with surrounding skin. Ogon is another variety that can be prone to rather small pointed heads and a stumpy shape, with fins either too small or very large.
Dark spots and stains along with uneven colour and scaling appear on the head and body.





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