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Installing Ponds


Installing ponds require planning, time and depending on your design a lot of hard work. Just remember Rome was not built in a day!

I suggest that you read every section possible on this page before you decide to start building your pond. You need to plan everything from where the pond will be in your garden to what equipment you need.

Are you able to dig and move barrows of dirt or will you need to hire a mini digger?

Installing Pond Are you planning on having a waterfall or stream?

There are loads of questions you could ask, and I could go on all day, so I will just crack on.

In this section either click on any subject you want to know more about or if you are a beginner then I suggest you read through them all.

Assessing your Garden

Siting a Pond

Designing a Pond

Pond Planning Preparing

Materials and Tools

Pond Digging

Building Walls

Pond Materials

Garden Pond Electrics

Using Pond Liner

Using Preformed Ponds to create a below ground pond.

Using preformed ponds to create an above ground pond.

Building Concrete ponds

Pond Edging

Build the Perfect Fish Pond

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