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Kawarimono Koi


Kawarimono koi is a classification used for a variety of non metallic koi that don't fit into other classes. Some of them are breeds of their own, while others display one of a kind colourings and pattern.

Certain koi are placed in Kawarimono class because they deviate so much from the criteria applied to what would be their own variety. As an example, the Kanoko Kohaku, which displays a dappled pattern, is classed as a Kawarimono because it would never be able to compete with marked Kohaku.

Kawarimono is by no means a dumping ground for the odd balls of the koi world. There is no place in koi classifications for sub-standard fish whose only claim is their uniqueness to other types of koi.

The usual criteria of good body shape and skin quality and, where applicable, an interesting pattern that still hold true. Crossbred koi should normally display the best features of both parents, combined in a pleasing to the eye manner.




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