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Lotus Plants

Lotus plants are very hardy, they bring colour and fragrance to your pond.


Listed below are a selection of Lotus plants.


Asiatic Alba

Asiatic Alba is a large white lotus that can grow a seven inch flower with very large leaves and can grow up to four feet tall.

They need to be well fertilized and kept in full sunlight to achieve maximum growth and to appreciate its full glory.




Caspicum locus can grow up to five feet tall in the right sunny conditions, it has a reddish/pink flower that can span up to 12 inches wide.

The leaves that are more like pads can grow a lot bigger offering shade to fish and wildlife.


Chawan Basu

Chawan Basu lotus flower is quite small; their colour is a stunning white with eye catching pink edges and a small lime green centre.

It lives quite happily in smaller pond or water gardens and in full sunlight.


First Lady Water Locus

First lady water locus is an eye catching lavender pink flower, although it is a semi dwarf plant it can still grow up to three feet tall and have up to twelve inch leaves.

Make sure you give it plenty of fertilizer and keep in the sunlight.



Giant Sunburst

When the Giant sunburst flowers appear it can have up to tree different colours while its blooming, the flower can grow up to twelve inches across and have up to twenty-four petals.

They are a fragrant pink flower that thrives in the sunlight and are ideal for the larger ponds.


Momo Botan

Momo Botan lotus is only a small flower and is ideal for smaller ponds. It is rosy pink in colour and grows up to six inches across, and its leaves up to fifteen inches across.

Always keep in the sunlight to get the best effect.



Red Scarf Lotus

The Red Scarf Lotus is best suited in larger ponds, the flower which is a reddish purple colour and can grow up to eight inches across and four feet tall, its leaves grow up to twelve inches across and give shade to wild life and fish.

Always keep in the sunlight for the best results.



Spring Bird

Spring Bird White Lotus will flower all through the season when kept in sunlight, it brings colour to your pond and is ideal for any size pond.

The spring bird is very catching to the eye.



Tulip Locus

The Tulip Lotus is ideal for small ponds; their white blooms continually flower throughout the warm season when well fertilized and kept in sunlight.

They produce a flower that can grow up to eight inches wide; their leaves can reach up to eighteen inches wide and grow up to thirty inches above the water line.


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