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A list of friends websites below.
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My Pond

This is a new page to my website where you can have your very own web page dedicated to your pond.

Just send us a short description you would like to see on this page along with any pictures you would like placed on this page, will will then enter your details for others too see.

Just email me at at mike@seo-web-design-services.com


Just click on a name below to view and read other peoples ponds.

Gary Rodgers Pond
Here are some great pictures of Gary Rodgers Pond with some explantions on how they built thier pond. They have 6 small Koi at present.

Gay Boxall's Pond
Gay has sent in some great pic's of her pond which she has added two goldfish to recently.

alvin carden's pond

Alvin has sent us some great pictures of the pond he built.

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