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Pond Designs ...."Where Do I Start?"

Get some pond design ideas

Before you sit down and start planning different pond designs you need to get yourself some ideas, buy some magazines, visit your local garden and aquatic centres.

They are packed full of ideas that you can incorperate into your garden.

Also you will find experts that can help you, most places have a range of prefabricated ponds in all different sizes to give you some ideas of what shaped pond you may like.

Sketch a rough pond design on paper


Sit down with paper and a pencil,then draw out lots of different pond designs to help you make a final decision.

When you plan your pond just make sure that it is an open design, NO narrow ponds or crazy bends, this will not only create stagnant water but maybe extremely hard to build.

You also need to decide if you are going to have a specialised, mixed or wildlife pond. As depending what you decide on can change the way you start your pond designs.



Decide on your type of pond

Koi pond Click here for mixed ponds.

Click here for specialised ponds(koi ponds).

Click here for wildlife ponds.

What ever pond design you decide on will fall under one of two categories.

The Formal Pond or the Informal Pond

Formal being modern, symmetrical and mainly intergrated in patios, against walls or above ground and with decking.

Informal being natural, level grounded and sloping sides, and try to use as many natural materials as possible.



Your garden and surroundings


Before you decide on what sort of pond you want in your back garden you need to look at your surroundings and garden layout as It needs to fit in and not look out of place.

Keep your pond shape similar to your garden shape, it would look silly if you had a short, but wide garden with a long and thin pond.

Most gardens these days are the boring square shape, in this case having the pond in a corner furthest away from the house will create a better look and feel. If you live out in the country keep your pond designs on the wildlife and informal side, if you have a patio or courtyard an above ground formal pond will look a lot better.

Choosing your Design

Below I have set out a list of pond types with all the do's, dont's and things you should know before you jump into the deep end,(excuse the pun)and start digging a hole.

And don't forget you can mix ideas together to have a pond design that is unique to you and that you will be proud of.

Just click on any of the pond titles to find out more about them.

Different Designs:

The Koi Pond

I have set aside a whole section for Koi Ponds.


Japanese Style Ponds

The Japanese style ponds are similar to the above as koi carp are usually kept, but you can create the look and feel of the pond and garden to a Japanese style which in my eyes are just beautiful.

Above Ground Ponds

The above ground pond has a more modern, formal feel and goes well against walls or by patios.

They are safer for children and enhance the view when sitting and relaxing by your pond.

One point to remember if you choose an above ground pond is, they tend to get warmer than a pond based in the ground, so more shade may be needed and a suitable filtration and oxygenation system in place.


Courtyard Ponds and Fountains

Most courtyards tend to be small and having a pond in a small courtyard can tend to look a little over the top. Having a fountain or small water feature creates the perfect courtyard pond.

picture of goldfish Small Garden Ponds

You may have a small backyard which restricts the size of the pond that you are able to fit in, therefore it willneed to be carefully planned and designed.

Goldfish Ponds

Some people look after goldfish and love them more than koi keepers. It's the most popular fish alive and the easiest to look after. It maybe a good place to start.

Unique Ponds

To create a unique pond you need to do some serious planning and building. I believe all ponds that are created correctly are unique in there own way but I have searched high and low for some unique pond ideas.....

Water Garden Ponds

Just beautiful..how the pond, bog and surrounding plants and fish all blend in seamlessly from a basic lawn with it placed in the middle.

Indoor Ponds

Yes people do have indoor ponds, normally when you live in a very large building. They can be very beautiful and sometimes easier to look after.

Turtle Ponds

Want to go for some a little more exotic..have a turtle pond.

Barrel Ponds

Small, simple and lovely water features..create a pond in a barrel in your backyard. Not always wise to keep fish in.

Garden Rock Ponds

Ponds go so well with stones and rocks and you could even create your own mini Niagara Falls.

Patio Ponds

Design a pond in your patio, they are very formal looking and look good if done correctly.

Bathtub Ponds

Do not throw away your old bath tub...yes you could fill the holes and you now have a perfect shape container to build a small pond with.

These pond designs are strange but you wouldn't believe how many people have done it.

With all the above garden pond designs to choose from you now have some idea of what you want to plan, so go on design and start constructing that perfect pond unique to you..

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