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Pond Fish

Pond fish

You have decided to build a water garden or a pond, as always tasks like this take a lot of planning, for instance, how big, how small, what type of fish, koi, goldfish, orfe rudd or tench,or even a mixture.

All types of fish are different; some are hardy and can survive climate change, while others are only suitable for indoor aquariums or goldfish bowls.

This is why it is very important to choose your fish wisely, and will be suitable for the kind of pond or water garden you are creating.
When you choose your fish you will need to know how big they can potentially grow to, if you have a small pond with fish that can grow up to 75cm long they will look out of place and could quite possibly get starved of oxygen.

The amount of fish you decide to keep is important, overstocking can cause further problems, although it looks great to have an abundance of fish and the activity it causes at feeding times, without a big enough pond and water filtration to oxygenate, then you get unhealthy fish and eventually disease and death will occur.

Always remember when creating a pond you need to make sure that one end is at least 50cm deep for common fish to survive, if you have a larger pond and want to keep larger fish† then the depth needs to be at least double.

Most pond suppliers and garden centres have a good stock of all types of fish, from the common goldfish to the more exotic types for you to choose from.

Goldfish are the most common to keep in a pond; some are not suitable so itís worth finding out first.
I have listed below a few types of goldfish and pond fish, but please find out which ones will suit the environment you are creating.


Golden Orfe and rudd

Tench and gudgeon






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