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Showa koi


The main features of Showa koi are non-metallic, with black, red and white. The black generally describes deep wrapping patterns over the body, it also appears on the head and nose.

The relative amounts of the three colors vary considerably between Koi.for example a Showa with very little black is called a Kindai Showa. A Hi Showa does not have very much white.

Showa have red and white patterns like Kohaku so the same points apply to both elements, except for Hi Showa, where almost the entire body is red, with black patterns only. High-quality black looks glossy, blue-black and very dense. Not all black patterns may be solid.

Black patterns on Showa tend to be large, jagged and extend to the sides of the Koi, blurring gives a very good effect. White on the nose and before the tail looks really nice looking, but red or black appearing as a match in the same place is just as good.

A few defects that can appear, for example a small pointed head or deformed mouth seem to be more common for Showa than other types of koi. The black color may be poor, look thin and dull or remain grayish, this comes from Showa tetsu or Magoi ancestors.

On the older type Showa, black pattern edges can scatter and spread over white and red patterns. Any pattern imbalances will ruin an excellent quality Showa. For example, if a Koi is black, red and white at the front end, but only red and white or black and white at the back. All colors need to be present along the whole length of the body.



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