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Submerged Pond Plants


Submerged pond plants are good for putting oxygen into your pond and are easy to plant and manage. They should just sit on the bottom of your pond and feed off nutrients that are being created naturally.

If you find that you need to assist them to stay at the bottom just tie a few together with an elastic band or use fishing weights. Alternatively use plastic trays with gravel in and spread some over the roots

See below for a small selection of submerged plants that will enhance your pond.



The Anacharis is a popular plant that just sits on the bottom of the pond without any need to be planted.

It grows very quickly and supplies much wanted oxygen to your pond, itís also good at breaking down fish waste and getting rid of that unwanted algae. It is very flexible and can survive quite nicely in the shallow or deep, and can contend naturally with temperature changes.

On occasions it will flower producing tiny white blooms. It also creates a habitat for fish to spawn and hide when they need to.




The Cabomba plants best habitat is in cool water and not too deep, the leaves lie just below the surface of the water and flowers in the summer months producing a white flower with a yellow centre.

If you place them in shallow water they donít seem to flourish so well. The fish tend to use the leaves for spawning and much needed shade in the hotter periods.




The Hornwort can be placed in the pond just below the water level without worrying about planting it; it grows quite fast and can survive in any climate.

It supplies oxygen to the pond and lives off nutrients created in the pond environment, this helps starve the unwanted algae of its food supply.

It also gives fish a place to spawn and hide.†


Red LudwigiaThe Red Ludwigia flourishes best in damp soil and shallow areas around the edge of the pond, although it will still thrive when placed on the bottom.

The red and green leaves will grow up and out of the pond. It creates much needed oxygen and colour to the pond.




The Vallisneria need to be planted in soil on the bottom of the pond, it will need to be anchored using weights or pots.

The grass like plant enjoys the shaded areas; the green leaves will then grow up to the surface of the pond.

This provides a good environment for the fish to use as food and shelter, it also helps tp filter the water to battle against that unwanted floating algae.



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