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Utsurimono koi



Ki Utsuri is one of the very first Koi from the late 19th century, probably developing from natural mutations of the tetsu Magoi. Shiro and Hi Utsuri were produced later in the 1920s.Utsurimono Koi includes Shiro Utsuri, Hi Utsuri and Ki Utsuri.

In later years Shiro Utsuri Koi have become almost as popular as the big three which are Kohaku, Sanke and Showa, this is due to tremendous improvements in their quality and black pattern. The main features of Utsurimono are Black with white, red or yellow two-coloured, non-metallic Koi. Black patterns are the same as those described for Showa.

Some of the good points are, they have evenly developed base colour white, red or yellow for an Utsurimono and are very clean looking, and Shiro Utsuri is the most popular Koi of the group. Its black and white colour is very pleasing on the eye, especially when the white is the lovely blue tone of snow in the shade and the black patterns are solid, and glossy towards the tail.
Leading edges look best with an even narrow blue border where white overlays the black, this is what gives that lovely blue tone to the white skin. Black patterns appear on both head and body, in a way that it leads the eye right back to the tail.

On Shiro Utsuri, black fin joints are expected, but not on Hi or Ki Utsuri, their fins are very heavily striped.
They have a very small and pointed heads and tend not to grow to a very large size.
The white skin tends to yellow and is often seen on the head and fin of the male.They can be uneven and dull and have poor quality black markings with rough edges and scales can be seen through it.
The hi and ki tend to have black fins with heavy black patterns on the head and body, the base colour can be spotted and have tiny black speckles.



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