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Viral Infections


Carp Pox

The symptoms of Carp or Fish Pox are white or cream wax patches, the patches can spread and join together to cover larger areas.

If the patches are scrapped off, or fall off, the infection can reappear.

Although there is no known cure as yet, it helps if the pond water is kept clean and well balanced; it can disburse as water temperatures rise.



The Lymphocystis has the appearance of a cauliflower or small nodules and warts on the fins or body.

The infected cells can grow up to 100,000 times their normal size. The treatment is the same as the Carp or Fish Pox.



Spring Viraemia of Carp

The Spring Viraemia of Carp symptoms are a swollen body, bleeding under the skin, blood spots and pale gills.

Because the internal liver and spleen swell this creates fluid which damage blood vessels.

This is a contagious disease and there is no cure so the fish need to be destroyed humanely.






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