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Worm Infections


Gill fluke infection

Gill fluke infection appears as secretion of mucus on the gills which may be held open and enflamed; they can be observed scratching on pond equipment, the sides and rocks.

There is also an increase in respiration. Remedies are available by the way of compounds such as copper sulphate, formalin and methylene blue.

When using any compounds, read the instructions carefully and follow them to the letter.



Skin fluke infection

Skin fluke infection is much the same as gill fluke infection with the same symptoms, but it attacks the body and fins, erratic swimming can also be seen along with some loss of colour.

The treatment is the same as gill fluke infection.



Fish Louse

Fish Louse are almost translucent and can be seen clinging to the infected fish normally along the fins bases.

Their appearance will look anaemic with loss of colour; they can be observed swimming nervously and vigorous scratching occurs which causes the loss of scales.

Organophosphate can be use as treatment for the larger fish only, with vigorous aeration, this releases the oxygen tension.

Alternatively use potassium permanganate and then physically remove the parasites, this must be followed by a disinfectant such as an acriflavine based compound.

As always follow the instructions to the letter for best results.



Anchor worm infection

Anchor worm infection is a long worm which attaches itself to the fish; white egg sacs can also be seen to the rear of the worm.

Some remedies can be used which are based on copper sulphate, potassium permanganate and salt baths.

Trichlorphon can be used as an indefinite bath which may dislodge the parasite.

As always, read the instruction and follow them to the letter for best results.

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